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Tradesmen: hire better labourers with this app.

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, Offsida is an app for tradespeople​ to make hiring labourers quick and easy.

A tradesman looking concerned because he can't get labourers to work for him.

For most tradespeople, we can handle jobs on our own a lot of the time. But there are those days when you rock up at a site and realise the job is a lot bigger than you expected, and you really need an extra pair of hands.

I’m sure you’ve had those jobs you thought would take a couple of hours, but then you get on-site and find out that there’s a massive pile of timber that’s going to take half the day to shift before you even get started. Finding good labourers at short notice can be hard. You probably have mates you can call, but that doesn’t always work out. Maybe they’re working for somebody else, or maybe they’ve just gone fishing. Either way, you can end up wasting a lot of time making phone calls just to try and get a bit of help for a few hours.

Offsida is a better, easier way to find labourers.

So, how does the app work?

  1. Open up the Offsida app and enter the job start time, pay rate and location.

  2. You’ll see a list of workers nearby who want the job.

  3. Open up a workers profile, and you’ll see their picture and reviews from other tradies.

  4. Choose the worker you want, click the “hire” button and you’re done. It’s like Uber for building labourers: easy, quick, reliable and convenient.

Offsida lets you hire extra hands just for the days (or hours) when you need them. With just a few clicks and swipes, you can get a labourer on-site in less than an hour. The Offsida app is available for free on the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Work smarter.

Tradies are busy, skilled businesspeople. As a qualified tradesperson, your time is valuable. Unskilled tasks like unloading trucks, moving stacks of bricks and mixing concrete are not a good use of your time.

Hiring building labourers to take on the unskilled, time-consuming work on your site will actually make you more profitable. Why would you spend your $60 per hour time moving a pile of bricks or digging a trench, when you can hire a labourer to do the same task for $25 an hour?

The Offsida app on a tradesman's phone.

It’s crazy that most tradespeople are still phoning friends or trawling through Gumtree ads when we need to hire extra hands. The Offsida app makes hiring labourers easy, even at short notice.

Rather than paying a labourer to work with you full time, you can use Offsida to get someone on the site just for the time you need them, whether it’s 3 days or 3 hours.

Offsida’s going to be the most useful tool in your pocket.

Get the Offsida app for free, and start working smarter.

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