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Labour hire app now available Australia-wide.

The wait is over! The Offsida labour hire app is now available to download all over Australia.

For tradesmen and builders, Offsida is a quick and easy way to hire rated labourers when and where they need them.

People looking for construction and labouring work can use the Offsida app to find nearby jobs and get hired.

Offsida app for labour hire and job hunting.

Offsida allows builders and tradespeople to hire labourers faster and more easily. Until now, Aussie tradies have been relying on phoning around to their mates when they needed extra hands - a slow and unreliable way of hiring. The Offsida app makes life a lot simpler: it’s like Uber for labour hire. The app even uses a rating system so that hirers always know they're getting a good worker to help them out.

If you’re looking for a job, Offsida makes it easy to find labouring work in your area. You can apply for jobs with a couple of clicks and swipes, and you’ll even get map directions to help you find the worksite.

You can get the Offsida app for free on Google Play, or the Apple App Store.

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