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Get hired as a labourer: 6 vital skills.

The building industry is always growing in Australia. There are more job opportunities for construction labourers and better wages than ever before. But there’s more to being a great labourer than just swinging a hammer. If you want to be an outstanding labourer, one of those people every builder wants to hire, focus on these 6 vital skills.

1. Willingness to learn.

A tradesman and a labourer working on a solar panel installation job.

Building is a complicated and technical industry. Nobody expects labourers to know as much about the job as licensed tradesmen, but if you’re open to learning new skills, you’ll never be short of work. Listening and asking questions are super important. Tradespeople are usually happy to explain how they want the job done. Listening and asking questions is how you learn new skills and every new skill makes you a more valuable employee.

2. Working safely.

Accidents on building sites can be tragic and very costly. "Safety first" is the construction industry motto, and it’s a good rule to follow as a labourer. If there’s a tool you don’t know how to use, ask for help. It’s better to take five minutes learning how to handle it than spending a week off the job with an injury. Work steadily and efficiently, but don’t rush and cut corners. It might seem like a good thing to work quickly, but if you’re neglecting safety or taking unnecessary risks, sooner or later things are going to go wrong.

3. Communication.

Make sure you understand the job you’re doing so you don’t waste time. If you’re confused by the instructions your supervisor is giving you, don’t be afraid to ask for more information. You might look silly for a minute, but you’ll look a lot sillier if you spend an hour doing the wrong thing. If you’re explaining a task to other people, start from the beginning and use simple, clear language.

A builder and his labourer working on a house frame.

4. Precision.

There’s an old saying in the construction industry: “measure twice, cut once.” What that means is, double-check your decisions before you move forward. When people work fast, they often make mistakes. Checking your measurements before you get the saw out can save a lot of money and wasted time.

5. Cooperation.

Speaking of teams: cooperation is one of the most important skills any worker can have, but it’s especially important on a building site. It’s vital to work together and be clear about the team goal. If you’re trying to do things your own way and you’re not working with the people around you, you’ll be less productive and waste time and money. Also, you’re often handling hazardous materials, working at heights and using tools that can cause serious injury, so paying attention to the people around you is essential for safety and efficiency.

6. Getting organised.

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Simple things like arriving at work on time and keeping tools tidy will make you stand out as an employee. Use materials efficiently too, because every piece of timber and tin of paint is money your boss has to spend. Working on a building site, you’re part of a team, so when one person shows up late or loses a tool, the whole team is slowed down. Are you looking for labouring jobs? It can be hard to find work, especially if you're new to the industry. Try the free Offsida app, and you'll get hired faster. Offsida will show you available jobs around your local area and get you hired in just a few clicks and swipes. The app will even remind you when you have a job booked, and help you navigate to the worksite.

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