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A labourer is handy for these annoying jobs.

One of the tricky things about trades work is those jobs where you need more than two hands. Tradies are pretty good at doing three things at once, but sometimes there’s no substitute for a labourer on-site.

Here’s the top 4 list of jobs where a labourer is most useful:

4. Unloading trucks.

Sometimes you rock up to the job thinking it’s going to be short and sweet, only to discover… there’s a ton of bricks to take off the back of a truck before you can even get started. OK, there’s nothing wrong with hard yakka, but it sure is nice to let your offsider do the heavy lifting while you get on with the rest of the job.

3. Cleaning up.

The worst job on every site always comes at the end when you have to get all that garbage, broken bricks and leftover junk into the skip. Get an extra set of hands on the site, and the clean up’s done by the time beer-o’clock rolls around. No muss, no fuss.

2. Mixing concrete.

The problem with cement mixers is, you can’t make the stuff at the same time you pour it. I mean we all love shovelling sand and wheeling concrete around in barrows, it’s great fun, but the novelty does wear off X). Get a labourer on the job for the day, and you can mix, pour, smooth and finish in half the time it’d take to do it solo.

1. Anything involving a ladder.

Going up and down ladders is a pain in the %&$#! Wouldn't it be great to have a labourer on-site when you have to get all those tiles, bricks, timber, or whatever from ground level to the top of the ladder? Some blokes love the exercise, but we reckon there are better ways to use your time than clambering up and down.

Tradesmen use the Offsida app to hire rated labourers when and where you need them.

Doing a job that needs extra hands? Get the free Offsida app and hire a rated labourer fast.

What are your least favourite jobs? What do you reckon it’s better to let your offsider do? Hit us up in the comments with your top tasks to delegate!

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