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Labour hire made easy for tradies and labourers.

This app is what Australia’s tradesmen have been waiting for: an easy, quick way to hire casual labourers when they need them. The standard operating procedure until now, when a tradie needed an extra pair of hands, was to get on the phone and call his mates. But now there’s a better way to get help: Offsida.

The Offsida app makes job-hunting quick and easy for labourers, too. A few swipes will display all the jobs going in the local area, and applying is as easy as one click.

Using casual labourers makes good economic sense for tradesmen and builders. Time is money on a worksite, so getting bogged down on simple tasks like unloading materials and mixing cement can really hurt profit margins. With the average tradesman charging upwards of $60 an hour, and labourers working for less than half that rate, it’s easy to see how having an offsider on the job can be a big financial plus.

If you’re running your own trades business, or you’re on the lookout for labouring work, Offsida is going to be a handy tool to have in your pocket.

The Offsida app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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