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Tradies: ways to make more money this year.

A tradesman working on a building site.

Once in a while, it's good to put down the tools and think about money matters. Carpenters, builders, tilers, bricklayers, landscapers… every tradesman has the potential to be more profitable.

Here are 4 simple ways to increase the profitability of your trades business.

Charge what you’re worth.

Many skilled tradies underestimate the value of their work. If you’re quoting low you’ll have a lot more work on your plate, sure, but are those the clients you really want? It’s a good experiment to raise your hourly rate a bit for new clients once in a while, and see what happens.

Charging a higher rate might mean you'll lose a few of your older clients, but you’ll also get new customers who are happy to pay a bit more to get the job done right.

Remember, your skills are becoming better all the time, so your hourly rate should reflect that.

Use an accountant.

Chances are if you’re doing your tax returns yourself you’re giving more money to the taxman than you need to. It’s great to keep track of your expenses and income, which you can do easily by having a simple invoice and receipt system. But when tax time rolls around, let a professional figure out what you owe.

File all your purchase and labour invoices away safely, sorted by month.

Find a good, local accountant and entrust them with your annual return. The cost of a sole-trader tax return can be as little as $150 (and it’s tax-deductible), so it’s good value for money.

Make money on the materials you use.

A big chunk of every quote is hardware and materials. If you’re not adding a percentage on top of the materials you buy for your clients you’re missing out on money. You’re a retailer, just like a hardware store. There’s a cost associated with selecting and transporting materials, and you should pass that cost on to your customers.

A tradesman working on a house.
Hiring labourers can make you more profitable.

Hire labourers when you need them.

As a skilled tradesperson, your time is valuable. Unskilled tasks like unloading trucks, moving stacks of bricks and mixing concrete are not an efficient use of your time. Hiring building labourers to take on the low-skilled time-consuming work on your site will actually make you more profitable. Why would you spend your $60 per hour time moving a pile of bricks or mixing cement, when you can hire a labourer to do the same task for $25 an hour? The faster you can get the job done, the faster you can move onto the next gig. That means you can take on more new clients and grow your revenue more quickly.

The Offsida app hiring screen.

The new Offsida app makes it easy to hire labourers when you need them, even at short notice. Rather than paying a labourer to work with you full time, you can use Offsida to get someone on the job just for the time you need them, whether it’s 3 days or 3 hours.

All you need to do is open the Offsida app, select the duration of your job, and the app will show you a list of workers nearby. You can get a labourer on-site, ready to work in less than an hour. Offsida labourers are rated by other tradies, so you’ll always get someone hard-working and reliable.

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