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DIY isn't good business. Make your trades biz more profitable.

News flash for tradies! You don’t have to do everything yourself. You're in business not doing DIY. Delegation is a vital part of running any business, big or small. Senior managers and CEOs of big companies hire people to work for them so they can get someone else to do the time consuming, lower-skilled work and they can focus on the things that drive their business growth.

The same logic applies in construction and trades businesses. If you’re a skilled tradie or builder and you’re still mixing your own concrete, carting bricks or digging trenches, then you’re not making the most profitable use of your time.

Hiring a labourer or assistant to lighten the load can make you more efficient, which means you can take on more and bigger jobs. And that means more income.

You don’t need to have an assistant on full time either. Maybe you only need someone once or twice a week. Hiring casual labourers used to be a hassle, but there’s a much easier and simpler way, now.

The Offsida app gives you easy access to hard-working labourers and building workers in your local area. The labourers on Offsida are rated by other tradies too, so you know what you’re getting up front. Hiring is just a matter of a few clicks and swipes, and you can hire someone for as little as a few hours if that’s all you need.

Give the Offsida app a go, and see how it can make your workload lighter and your business more profitable.

Offsida is available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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