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Is the building industry recovery kicking in?

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom in 2020, so we thought we’d share some good news with you.

We're always talking to tradies, builders and their partners about how business is going, and how we can help. Recently we’ve been hearing really encouraging things. It seems like the predicted post-COVID-19 surge in the Aussie building industry is starting to happen already.

‘I'm a Brisbane based tiler. If I could find more workers, I could double my sales. I’m knocking work back now, unfortunately. My skip bin company are run off their feet. Skip bin companies are a true indication to see how busy everyone is.’ - Jason M.

‘We’re in the Newcastle, hunter valley area. My husband is a carpenter and continually booked out four to six weeks in advance. We've been amazed. It’s been excellent. People can't travel overseas, so they’re happy spending money on their homes.’ - Renee W.

‘All the incentives from the government are pushing people to spend a little more. My brother had been planning a reno, but with the government incentives, he went bigger and spent more because it made sense to them to spend $150k and get the $25k government boost.’ - Amii J.

‘Grants have helped, people moving up from down south to get away from covid. A few big projects and defence spend.’ - Justin G.

‘We think that lots of people can't holiday, so they’re renovating. But also heaps of people moving to QLD. The real estate market is insane. Properties sell in 24 hours. The $800k and above market seems untouched by the recession.’ - Sharyn W.

As the building industry ramps up into 2021, you'll want to seize the opportunity to take on more work. You can make the most of your time and maximise your profitability by hiring casual labourers, and it's never been easier. On those days when you’ve got a truck to unload, concrete to mix or you just need an extra pair of hands, Offsida is the solution. You can hire local labourers with a few clicks and swipes, and get someone to help you on the job fast.

The Offsida app is free to download and use. Get it on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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